Rug Cleaning

We pick up your rugs, professionally wash and clean them, and drop it back at your place.

It all starts with a simple call, you don’t need to move a thing. Our company offers two types of wash’s, a regular wash and an enzyme wash. The enzyme wash is meant for pet urine, vomit stains, and other strong stains. Firstly, we come in move out all your furniture and take the rug to be deep cleaned. That is what sets us apart we make sure we deep clean the rug not just steam clean or do a surface cleaning. We pre-treat the rug in water and go over it with our machine to just loosen up any dirt or grind in the rug. Next, we apply our organic chemicals and shampoos which are safe for yourself and pets, to clean the rug; furthermore, we ensure that we flip over the rug and repeat this same process on the back to allow all the deep dirt and grim to escape the foundation of the rug. Additionally, we rewash the rug to get all the chemicals and shampoo out. Finally, one of the most important steps in this process is putting the rug through a machine that squeezes about 90% of the water out of the rug to allow for a quick-drying process, which is critical as wool will start to smell if left wet. We work hard to remove every single stain but some stains don’t come out, so we attempt to lighten it as much as possible.